LATEST VERSION DATE: 2010 December the 1st. is a website designed to give users the posibility to create open or private competitions, based primarily on the creation and distribution of content through the website Blaffin.


This site belongs to T-RETO WEB SL and pursuant to the provisions of Article 10 of Law 34/2002 of 11 July, about information society services and electronic commerce, LSSI, offers users the following general information:

T-RETO WEB is a limited company with CIF: BB86242989, registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid, Spain, Volume 26306, Folio 43, Sheet M-474 032 which uses the domain name for Internet identification.

If you access to our platform from a social networking site ("SNS"), it may also be necessary to read and accept the SNS terms of service and Privacy Policy.


  • Company name: T-RETO WEB S.L.
  • CIF: B86242989
  • Calle del Codo, Local 5, 28005 Madrid
  • Telephone number: 91 447 45 49
  • E-mail:


These Terms of Use regulate the access to and the use of the website (the Website). Access and navigation through this Website implies knowledge and full acceptance of these terms and conditions (General Conditions). From Blaffin we recommend you to read them carefully and / or save them to know them better.


T-RETO WEB S.L. is the service provider that has created and developed the website which is a network led to the proposal, creation and participation in competitive challenges.

USER: anyone who enters the website to see, know, participate or simply enjoy it.

REGISTERED USER: the user who decides to register on the website with the intention of providing their content, propose ccompetitions or participate in the ones that are already created.


The navigation through the website is free and certain services and actions are reserved to Registered Users. To register at you must be over 14 years. The use of this website by children under 14 years is forbidden. Any violation of this rule by the user means its sole responsibility and when discovered, Blaffin will reject all those under 14 who want to violate this rule. If a user knows the registration of a minor under 14-year old in Blaffin, he can report it via email:

Minors between 14 and 18 must prove they are over 14 years and they must send, at the time of registration as a user, a photocopy of their ID card scanned or on paper to t-reto, in order to verificate their age and comply with the requirements of Article 13.4 LOPD.

3- SERVICES DESCRIPTION is a social network intended to the creation and participation in the competitions proposed by the users, the website administrators or brans interested in sponsor competitions.

The services offered on the Blaffin website are totally free for the users.

Through Blaffin, Registered Users may do, among other things:

  • Enjoy the active competitions or the ones that have been finished.
  • Propose competitions to the Blaffin users.
  • Participate in competitions proposed by other users, Blaffin or sponsoring companies.
  • Vote and/or comment the competition you like more or the participation you want to be the winner.
  • Receive alerts related to your favorite competitions.
  • Know the activity from the following and followers users.
  • Invite your friends and other users and compete against them.
  • Report users, challenges, videos or comments provided on the website, as well as the participations and comments from other users, when they violate the rules of use.
  • Report the participation of children under 14 years old in the website.
  • Report content that may violate copyright.

Blaffin will ensure that all competitions proposed on the site are legal and that they don´t violate the principles included in these conditions. To achieve this goal, Blaffin reserves the right to refuse admission of the proposed content by different users and offers all users an email address where they can report those or other behaviors that are inconsistent with the use principles of the website.


Any user can navigate across the Blaffin website without being registered. He can access to see the ccompetitionss that are not private, vote the participations and enjoy other services at

The user who wants to participate in the dynamics of creation, participation and monitoring at must be previously registered.

The registration process is as follows and it can be done through the website

Step 1: You must fill the form in which we ask for your personal data.

  • User Name
  • Password
  • Email
  • Validate that you are over 14 years, and if you are under 18 years, send a photocopy of your ID to the address to prove your age as Article 13.4 of RDLOPD requieres.

Step 2: Once you have filled the application form and accepted the terms and conditions of use of the website you will receive an e-mail in order to activate your account.

Step 3: As a third step for the registration, you need to go back into the website and finish to configure the user profile.

To do this you must click "View profile" and then "Settings", where you can choose:

  • Change profile picture
  • Set notifications alerts.
  • Edit account information.

When you access Blaffin via a SNS like Facebook, which is known as "applications" that allow Blaffin to access to certain information from your profile on that site. That information is affected by the privacy settings you set in the SNS. For example, Blaffin can access and store some or all of the above information, as permitted by you, the SNS and your preferences.

By participating in Blaffin through an SNS, you are authorizing to collect, store and use in accordance with this Privacy Policy all information you agreed that the SNS provides to Blaffin through the SNS applications programming interface ("API"). Their agreement is done when "accept" or "allow" (or similar terms) one of our applications in a SNS.

In the option "Set notifications", you can choose email notices promotions and notifications from Blaffin that you want to receive relating to the activity taking place on the site.

To manage the information that we receive about you from the SNS you must follow the instructions on that site to update your information and change your privacy settings.

Finally, you have the option of Associated accounts, through this option, you can link your Blaffin account with other that you had or anyone that you created in other social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

Step 4: CONGRATULATIONS, YOU ARE ALREADY A BLAFFIN USER!!: By registering as a user, you agree to the terms and conditions of use of this website and you acquire the commitment to respect them when you use the options offered on this site.

By registering, the user acquires a username and a password that is personal and not transferable. These data will be requested in future access to serve as identification procedure in the system. Each user must maintain under his sole responsibility, the password, in strict and absolute confidentiality, assuming any damages of any kind arising from the breach or disclosure of that information, as well as the misuse as result of the violation of his duty of care, that a third party could make.

Registration procedure via Facebook:

Blaffin gives you the possibility to register via Facebook, and will directly export from the social network your email address and your date of birth. Once accepted this exportation of information by the user, the registration process will continue and the user must choose a user name and a password for Blaffin.

The linkage of your Blaffin account with Blaffin will be subjected by this terms and conditions and by the terms and conditions that Facebook has. You must know both terms and conditions and act on them.


Each registered user has a profile with the following sections:

  • Updates
  • Arenas
  • Records
  • Competitions
  • Rox or Sux

There are also reported the medals won by the user, how he can win more medals, the Arenas that contains challenges he follows, his followers and people he follows in the network.

Through the profile, the user can access information about:

  • Newsfeed: A summary of the recent activity of his contacts in the website.
  • Activity: A summary of the user’s participations in the website challenges.
  • Arenas: Information about the active competitions in the user followed Arenas.
  • Ranking: His place in the competitions where he has participations.
  • Points: Points accumulated by the user.

a. Challenge creation: As you know, to create a challenge you must be a registered user of the Blaffin website. Once you are registered you can begin the process of creating a challenge.

To create a challenge you must choose:

  • name of the competition
  • description
  • The way to compete (image, video)
  • Privacity (open o private)
  • The ending date
  • Tags

The ccompetitions are from different classes, according to different standards:

By privacity

  • Open
  • Private: users can participate only with an invitation from the creator of the competition.

By content

  • Video
  • Picture

b. Website options:

  • Home page: A summary of the competitions, Rox or Sux, Arenas and World Records.
  • Competitions: information about active and ended challenges on the website.
  • Arenas: Website sections in which challenges can be categorized by topic. These channels may be developed as the activity in the portal was sued. For example: adventures, comedy, sports, fashion.
  • Records: open competition where you have to overcome a mark.
  • People: through the searcher, the user can find other users who have participated in the same challenges than him, users that he has beaten, etc.
  • Help
  • Sponsors
  • Contact

c. Followers: A user may choose to follow other web users. Activate the follower option of another user involves receiving updates on your profile-updatings-my contacts, with this user´s history of activity on Blaffin.

d. Bring your friends: Blaffin offers you the opportunity to invite your friends to participate in the website challenges. To thank you for your cooperation, for each friend you invite, you will earn points. Before inviting make sure that you have their consent to do so, Blaffin will check this consent by sending an invitation under your name to participate in Blaffin, the acceptance will be a prerequisite for participation in the website.


The USER commits itself to use the Website services and content in accordance with current regulations and the General Conditions, and must refrain from using them for, among others:

  • Make activities illicit or criminal, in breach of good faith, morals, public order or practice and / or activity in breach of regulations on intellectual property or any other applicable legal standard.
  • Disseminate content that was racist, xenophobic, pornographic, that supports terrorism and / or that violate fundamental rights and public freedoms recognized in the Spanish Constitution and international treaties and conventions.
  • Disseminate information against children's safety and those relating to child pornography or pedophilia
  • Introducing or spreading data programs (viruses and malicious software) that can cause damage to the computer systems of Blaffin, its suppliers or third users of the intranet or this Web Site.
  • Transmit to unauthorized third parties the USER name and password. The access by an unauthorized user to that information must be immediately notify to Blaffin. Blaffin reserves the right to change the USERNAME and the password for the service protection
  • Make practices to disseminate unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, junk mail, chain letters, or any other form of information, except in areas specifically authorized in the Web Site for it.
  • Reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit for commercial purposes, in whole or in part, the contents of the Web Site.
  • Use as profile picture images that are inappropriate, racist, xenophobic, pornographic and / or that violate fundamental rights and public liberties recognized in the Constitution and international treaties or agreements.

The USER agrees to:

  • Answer for the originality of their provided content and their right to exploit it.
  • Transfer to the web administrators, free of charge, the operating rights of the content you enter in the portal, in particular the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation.
  • Report to the web administrators any content that they consider illegal or which may violate the regulations.
  • Ensure the veracity of personal information you provide and commit to keep them updated, notifying any changes that occur in them to the web administrators.

Blaffin agrees to provide the services offered to users, in compliance with the General Conditions and in particular:

  • Prohibit, since there is knowledge, access or maintenance in the web of content that violate the stipulations in this section.
  • Address user’s complaints to take appropriate measures in each case.
  • Do not allow access to services to minors under fourteen years old and eject them.
  • Perform legal treatment of personal data that users provide.

USERS have the right to:

  • To be ensured about the legal treatment of their data on the use of the services provided by Blaffin.
  • To be respected for the authorship of the content entered into the web on the occasion of the proposal or participate in a challenge.
  • Create challenges and manage certain aspects of user participation in them, and to evaluate the occurrence of complaints about comments or participation in the challenge they have created.
  • Report challenges, comments, or participations in the challenges that they haven´t created.
  • Request to remove its account on the website at any time.

Blaffin has the right to

  • Use and exploit content that users choose to upload to the Blaffin website from the time of its incorporation and for a period of thirty years, unless otherwise agreed with the User. In some cases, Blaffin may ask the user to authorize the exclusive use of any content, terms and conditions agreed in each case, and when the user does not respect this exclusivity rights he will lose the compensation that had been established.
  • Update, modify or delete the contents of the Web Site and the right to limit or prevent access. Rights that can be exercisable at any time without notice. Thus Blaffin may remove content or eject users whenever it deems appropriate if its content or actions are contrary to the principles set out in these conditions or the law, morality or public order.
  • Do not ensure in any way the availability and operating continuity of the website and services which may suffer interruptions caused by events unrelated to the company. Any kind of interruption in the operation, which the website might suffer, will be warned, in advance. Blaffin disclaims any liability for damages that the lack of availability of the site may cause to their users or customers.
  • Terminate or suspend the service and / or any other Web Site element at any time. When it was reasonably possible, Blaffin will advise users in advance of the termination or suspension of the provision of the different services.
  • Eject from the website those users who have breached the terms and conditions of use.

Users respond for:

  • The originality of the content displayed within the Blaffin website, or their right to use and distribute it publicly in such a way that always guarantee the compliance with the current regulations on intellectual property.
  • The damages of any kind that those responsible for the Blaffin website may suffer, directly or indirectly as a result of a breach of any of the obligations of the General Conditions or the law in relation with the use of the Website.


  • Is a website which merely provides a channel of information, content and challenges to allow the exchange of information and content between the registered users. Its services are intermediation between users, therefore, it is not responsible for the use made of the information provided through this website by third parties.
  • Will not be responsible, either directly, or indirectly, for damages of any kind caused by the use of information provided by third parties and contained in this web, as well as the lack of lawfulness, truthfulness and accuracy of its content.
  • The website contains links (links) to other websites managed by third parties. The purpose of these links is to facilitate users to other information sources on the network that may be of their interest. Blaffin is not in any way responsible for the information of these links, so the user enters under his exclusive responsibility for the content and under the conditions of use which govern them.

The website content, images, text and data are property of Blaffin and only it has the exclusive rights to exploit them in any way, especially the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation that can only be performed with the prior written consent from those responsible for this website. All this material is protected by the law of intellectual property and its improper use may be punishable.

The User is responsible for the originality of the content or have the rights to exploit it and grants, uploading this content on the site, a license for Blaffin with a global, non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable (with the right of sub-license) to use, reproduce, distribute, process, display and perform the contents in connection with the operation of the website and activity from Blaffin. This includes the rights to use the generated content on the site and in particular the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation. Blaffin guarantees the proper use of the content.

Also, the user grant to other website users license to reproduce, distribute and process the contents remaining within the terms that allow the functionality of the website and respecting the conditions of use.


Blaffin offers to its users some reporting procedures referring to especially sensitive topics. In order to provide security to the reports in the website, only the registered users may use the complaints procedures established by Blaffin.

The reporting procedures are:

  • Report a challenge: allows to report a challenge created and published for various reasons: inappropriate content, duplicated or other reasons for which the user may complaint. Website administrators will be the ones to decide if, after the complaint, the challenge must be removed or should continue.
  • Report a Participation: allows to report a participation in a challenge as inappropriate. Website administrators will be the ones to decide if, after the complaint, participation should be removed or should continue.
  • Report a comment: Allows to report a comment for inappropriate language or for another reason, and the creator of the challenge will be who decides if a comment should be removed or not.

In addition, users can report any of the following circumstances:

  • Minors: if you know a child under 14 years are participating in the website, you can report it by writing to
  • Intellectual property: if you notice any posted content displayed on the website that is infringing or may be infringing the intellectual property rights, you can report it by writing to
  • Industrial Property: If you notice any content, image, brand, logo, name or company name appearing on the website that is infringing or may be infringing the intellectual property rights, you can report it by writing to

T-RETO WEB S.L. informs you that the personal data collected through this website are in a file called T-RETO website users, which the company is responsible and which is duly registered in the General Data Protection Code 2092530566 enrollment. This file is intended to register as users of the electronic services offered on the website and manage the relationships with the users of the Social Network.

The user may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by writing to and the responsible for the website will attend you on the time and manner required by the law.

The user is responsible for the veracity of the information that he provides and for keeping them updated.

Minors data processing

The Blaffin website only supports the use of services for people over 14 years, but only in conjunction with its application for registration as a user they submit a photocopy of their ID as a way to prove their age.

Data communication to third parties

By register in the website, the user consents that the data on its username will be accessible to other users.

The user can choose a privacy profile under which only the people he follows can see its username and its profile, or an open profile which any other website user can access. Other personal information provided to the website will not be facilitated by the responsible of the website to third parties

The website offers the option of "Searching" through which users can contact each other, search the profiles of users engaged in similar challenges, users who have participated in other challenges with them, etc.

Through the option Invite your friends, you are providing information from your contacts and you need to have their consent to do so, Blaffin will check this consent by sending an invitation under your name to participate in Blaffin, the acceptance will be a prerequisite for participation in the website.

When a user decides to follow another in Blaffin network, it allows the followed user to access to identify its profile. From this way all of the Blaffin users may identify the profile of other users who decide to follow.


Blaffin uses cookies when the user navigates through the website. Thanks to the cookies, it is possible that Blaffin recognizes the registered users after they have registered for the first time without having to register each time they access to the areas and services reserved exclusively for them. Users have the option of preventing the creation of cookies by selecting the appropriate option on their browser, without implying that they cannot enjoy or have access to all the services and contents of the website.


By providing the email address on the user registration application, you are expressly consenting to use it by Blaffin, with the purpose of making through it all the communications that arise from the relationship between Blaffin and the user and as a way to keep the User informed about new challenges and developments taking place in the website that may be of its interest.

The user who does not want to receive promotional communications is always able to refuse this reception unchecking the box in its profile. If the user has agreed to receive promotional communications from Blaffin, he will have the option, in any promotional communication received, to withdraw this consent by a simple and free procedure that will be notified on the same communication.


The present terms of use and registration in the website will be valid as long as they remain available on the site. Blaffin reserves the right to modify and adapt to law or structure changes and the USER commits itself to revise them to know when he use the services offered by Blaffin. In this sense, it means that the registered user that continues using the site services after modification of the terms accepts them and must follow them. The conditions of use will always be available for the user indicating the date of the last update.


When a user wants to be deleted from Blaffin website, it may request it by entering "edit your profile" in its user profile in the tab "Deactivate Account”. Unsubscribe requests will be answered within 48 hours.

Deleting a user means that its profile and personal data will be deleted, but does not carry the disappearance of all the contents that this user has brought to the site. These contents will remain on the site even after the process.