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  1. 1. Why do users need to register for Blaffin?

    You can visit the majority of the site and the content and even vote without regitering, but regitering (which can be performed automatically through Facebook) allows you to participate in our competitions onand helps us better tailor the product to our users interests and needs.

    Once you complete the registration, let the games begin! You will earn points for getting started and for participating. These actions will help you level up, gain recognition and potentially unlock rewards within the page.

  2. 2. Can I restrict who participates in the competitions I create?

    Yes, Blaffin has created two options for companies that post competitions and challenges. Its up to them to choose the most appropriate in each situation:

    • Open Competitions: Everybody can participate and vote on the competition.
    • Invitation Only Competitions: same as above with the exception that to participate you have to be approved by the creator of the competition. This is ideal for specialized groups that want to keep things more private.
  3. 3. How do users win competitions in Blaffin?

    Users can win competitions in two ways:

    • The participation having the most votes at the end of the competition.
    • The participation with the best record (e.g. number of push ups in one minute)
  4. 4. Can I share the content I find on Blaffin?

    As long as the content uploaded to Blaffin Arenas is in compliance with Blaffin Terms of Service and Privacy Policies we encourage our users to share the content produced for Blaffin competitions with their friends from Facebook, Twitter followers and Google + via social buttons.

    However, the organizations or individuals who create Arenas within Blaffinalso have the right to use, reproduce or share any content submitted to the competitions within their Arenas.

  5. 5. How can I participate from my mobile device?

    If you have an iPhone or an Android then you can download the Blaffin app and access the content on the web. Among many other things you can participate in competitions. You will have to log in, choose the competition and take or select pre-existing picture or video from your mobile device to compete. For faster selection, you can also use the number of any competition you find on the web or facebook app to locate a competition on your mobile device via the mobile search box.

  6. 6. I want to participate in a competition but the system asks me for an invitation. What do I do?

    In this case, we give you the possibility to ask the company or organization that created the competition for an invite to participate. They will then decide based on the rationale you provide.

  7. 7. I work for a company or brand, how can I embed a Blaffin Arena filled with competitions in my facebook fanpage, web or blog?

    Please contact us. Its very straightforward and we’d be happy to help get you started.(info@blaffin.com)

  8. 8. Who can vote in Blaffin?

    Everybody can vote. However, for the competitions you can only vote once every 12 hours.

  9. 9. Can I create a World Record?

    You can suggest a World Record and the Blaffin World Record Comittee will quickly evaluate yourproposal. Once it’s approved, it will be published on the site indicating who created the Record.

    The easiest way to generate a meaningful World Record is to design a competition whose winner is determined by something measurable (i.e. not something subjective like a vote)

  10. 10. How can I get a "Definitely Rox" or a "Definitely Sux"?

    A RoX or Sux has no ending date. Nevertheless it becomes "Definitely RoX" when it receives more than 1,000 votes (i.e. 80% of them are Rox). It becomes "Definitely Sux" if after 500 votes, the number of votes Rox cannot exceed 20% more than the votes for Sux.

  11. 11. How do users "level up" in Blaffin?

    Your level shows the world just how good you are. It all depends on the points you earn by participating and winning competitions, challenges, setting World Records, etc.

    As you progress through Arenas and competitions we give you credit for more advanced participations, helping you move from one level to the next. Once you try it, you’ll see that you can amass a large number of points and rewards will begin to be unlocked.

  12. 12. How do users earn points in Blaffin?

    Almost everything you do within Blaffin has points assigned and rewarded (create content, participate, receive votes, daily log in,etc)

  13. 13. Can users lose points?

    Yes if a user receives points which are disputed at a later timepoint (e.g. the content was not submitted in compliance with our Terms of Service or Privacy Policy) that user will lose those points outright. For example, if you submit a video that is clearly someone else’s property, you shouldn’t get points for it. So, we’ll deduct points from your account. So, be creative and take your own pictures and videos with our new app.

  14. 14. I uploaded my participation to a World Record and its not showing up

    This might be a good thing!It simply means that you may have beat the record and your participation is under review. As our comittee verifies that your participation meets the requirements and the Record is right, you can begin enjoying the glory.

    If nothing happens for an extended period and you’re concerned, please contact us directly (info@Blaffin.com)

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