About Blaffin

Blaffin is much more than an entertainment platform

Blaffin is a hero training facility.
A place where you are going to become a superstar.

Before your 40th birthday maybe you should show the world you’re great at something. Challenge someone. Set a Record. Be a Somebody. Get noticed.

Start by joining an Arena and showing others what you can do in the competitions, and when you were ready...beat a world record and fiercely defend it!

Go Mobile!

Find out about our mobile apps in the Go Mobile! section.

All you can do in Blaffin


Fight to be the best

Through the competitions you can solve a dispute between friends, revitalize a community of people who share a hobby or interest, or just test whether you are the best at something.

You can share your activity with your facebook friends, they can join the competition and vote you with our Facebook widget. In the same way, if you have a website, blog or similar you can embed the competition for your community to enjoy the content and interact with it from your own site.

Rox or Sux

¿Is cool or not?

It is a simple way to know if anything is cool or not. Upload your photo or video and share it with your friends or Blaffin community. They will decide if they like it (Rox) or not (Sux).

Squeeze your imagination, anything can be valid.
Impress others!

Points and levels

Earn points, climb levels and unlock new features!

Coming soon...

World Records

Set your mark

You can set your own world records or propose one. Keep you in shape!


Squeeze your brain

Are you sick of the clever guys that make loughs about you because you don´t have History knowledge? Create a Trivia about baseball legends, share it with them and let's see who laughs last