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Available in the App Store

Build a social Empire

The Blaffin Arena platform is a synchronized set of web, mobile and social apps that gamifies user generated content to help brands build awareness, significantly improve fan engagement and enhance customer loyalty.

Web, Mobile and Social
"Blaffin’s unique social engagement platform allows fans of your brand to participate in multiple competitions or promotions in one place, earning points and rewards and effectively drawing them closer to your brand."

How does it work?

In less than 10 minutes, you can create an Arena for your brand and publish an unlimited number of text, photo or video competitions (e.g. interactive promotions) with our simple-to-use admin portal. Then, all you have to do is post a simple link to the Arenas and invite them to play.

In our view, giving fans an option to do more than simply "like" you on Facebook by offering them a chance to have fun and earn points for multiple actions over time – is an important element of building true social loyalty.

the process

1.Create an Arena

2.Design a Competition

3.Set Rewards

4.Start Promoting on Your Website and in Social Channels

How do I engage my fans?

The Arena is a new social playground where fans compete with each other by uploading content, earning points and unlocking valuable rewards from your brand (e.g. valued content, offers, discounts, memorabilia, recognition or unique experiences).

the process

1.Create and Publish Fun Competitions in Your New Arena

2.Ensure the Rewards You're Offering are Meaningful to Your Fans

3.Encourage Fans to Participate (e.g. promote with links to the Arena).

4.Optional:Add a Sprinkle of Paid Marketing if Necessary

5.RESULT:Fans Have an Authentic and Engaging Experience with your Brand

Reward your fans


Blaffin Arenas are built with classic gamification mechanics. Each action a user completes over time (e.g. liking, joining, voting, uploading content, etc), earns them more points within the system. When fans participate early or upload content that their peers appreciate (e.g. by voting) -- they are additionally rewarded!

While users can win and receive rewards for participating in individual competitions, our goal is to encourage them to return to the Arena often and to become a Leader within the Arena (see our Rankings section).

Social Integration


Fans Are Mobile!

Blaffin provides access to an iPhone app and an Instagram uploader to make it easier for users to participate in your Arena wherever and whenever they want.

available in the app store

Powerful Analytics

Access to real-time usage statistics and engagement data to track campaign performance.

These detailed reports give brand and community managers the insights needed to optimize both competitions and rewards, while learning more about their most active and influential fans.


Companies using Blaffin

"Blaffin is a great way to keep our fans engaged in multiple promotions at once to ensure they are spending time connecting with each other and our brand" "Blaffin is a focused loyalty solution that sidesteps some of the transient engagement tactics associated with more common social marketing tools."
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